Low Cost Safety Net Solutions For Builders And Home Owners







All of these words are highly descriptive of the type of accidents that can happen on a building or renovation site. Do you want these to describe an accident that befalls one of your workers or family members when working? Of course not!

SiteNet NZ have one of the largest range of site nets in the country available for your safety when working on a building site or around your home. Never let people’s safety be in jeopardy! A simple site net can prevent serious injuries (and liability) from happening.

No one ever plans on being injured or having an accident, but you can plan to have preventative measures on place so that if something unforeseen should happen, you and/or your people are protected.

SiteNet NZ have a range of low cost safety net solutions for builders and home owners and have many happy customers who repeatedly come back to use our solutions.

Does low cost mean poor performance? Absolutely not! We have been manufacturing high quality fall protection nets for over 35 years and our safety nets are subjected to stringent tests to ensure your maximum safety.

A site safety net is a form of insurance and gives you and your people assurance that should something happen – like a fall, plummet, tumble, trip, drop or plunge – off your building site they will be safe.

Sitenets are able to reduce the cost to you for our nets due to the large number of happy customers we have. No matter what your budget, we will create a safety solution for you and you can start work on your site happy in the knowledge you and your people are safe.


Safety Equipment Suppliers

Whether you have been in the building game for decades, are just starting out or are planning some renovations in your spare time – being safety conscious and having the best equipment is vitally important for you and/or your team.

Everyone deserves to go to work, stay safe, and get home to their families without injury.

This is where Site Nets are your one stop shop for safety equipment supplies.

Site Nets have a range of safety options for your project. We can and have covered residential and commercial sites (and even have a range suitable for leisure activities!).


If you have never used a safety net before you might wonder if they are really necessary and how they work. All safety measures are a form of security and insurance. This in turn provides you or your people with assurance that should the unplanned happen and they slip or fall there is a system in place to prevent them from receiving serious injuries.

It is a wise employer that has strong health and safety measures in place – and Site Nets take pride in providing safety nets that adhere to the national safety standards in New Zealand.

Site Nets safety nets are not like all other nets. Some of the features that set them apart from other brands of netting some safety net companies offer are that they :
• Are 100% recyclable
• Are 100% Inert (does not produce bacteria)
• Are 100% non-allergic
• Cannot be digested by insects
• Do not accumulate electricity
• Have a high resistance to abrasion
• Have a high protection against UV rays
• Maintain tenacity in acid or alkaline environments
• Are not affected by any acid except boiling xylene
• Are dirt resistant
• Are non absorbent
• Do not have knots so the knots will never get displaced

Fall arrest netting systems work by way of absorption of the energy created when a fall occurs, the intertwined mesh is released slowly through the cord systems in the nets, therefore having the correct sag and fall height is a very critical part of the installation for the nets, that’s why we only use certified FASET trained installers.

Even though a residential setting may seem like a lower risk environment, serious injuries still can and do occur in home builds. It is vital to keep your construction site as safe as possible, even if it is just a single story home.
Scaffold safety nets are used extensively in the construction industry and are used around the perimeter of the scaffolding or temporary fencing, this in turn prevents any construction materials or other objects falling from the scaffolds and protects adjacent buildings, they can also prevent workers from falling through the scaffold from heights hence they are the perfect safety barrier for everyone working on the top or lower levels of the scaffolds including the general public.

As a safety equipment supply company, Sitenets Ltd specialise in safety nets and provide fall protection nets and leisure netting solutions throughout New Zealand. No matter where you are in the country, you can call us at Sitenets and we can arrange the right safety nets for your project. Depending on your specific requirements, our assessors will provide you with the right solution for your budget.

As mentioned at the start of this post, besides providing safety nets for residential and commercial projects, we also specialise in a wide range of nets for sporting requirements including goal nets and tennis nets.
So no matter why you might be needing or considering having safety nets give us a call and we will be able to see you right!

Sitenets Ltd on Grand Designs NZ

2016 has been the year for surprises and amazing projects. Sitenets Ltd were asked to come on board with P4 Projects on a Grand Designs NZ program! This was a fantastic experience for our team.


Although well skilled at advising and installing site nets on building sites throughout the country, this was our first ever container house install. If you can’t quite remember the program our site nets appeared in – it was shown in Grand Designs New Zealand on TV – Season 2, Episode 7.

An iconic sight in Christchurch, shipping containers have been used for many situations since the earthquakes that have been rocking the region since 2010. David Fitzmorris and Joyce Wee took on an adventurous build out in the small town of West Melton. David being an engineer found himself moving his family to Christchurch to help with the rebuild. Instead of purchasing an existing home they felt optimistic enough to start with a clean slate. They came to a joint agreement that a shipping container house was the way forward for them. David used his engineering background to design the layout using their sons lego blocks. Their first design plan was unconventional however by the end of the build they ended up with a super high atrium type living area. During the build it was this space that required safety netting to keep building debris from falling to the floor below.


An Oscar Wilde quotation was used during the episode – “Experience is the one thing you can’t get for nothing”. Using SiteNets on your building site is the wise choice. All of our contractors are highly experienced in the use of our nets and in a variety of settings. Safety nets are the most efficient and cost effective fall arrest system for home and residential applications. Whether you are replacing roof tiles on your home or you are doing a complete build, we provide the residential safety net solution you need.

Whether you are a project manager looking after a major build or a single build providing a work safe environment is not just a good idea, it is now the law to do so and is beneficial to all concerned, it also adheres to loss prevention strategies insurance companies believe will lower your risk – including legal risk.

Even though a residential setting may seem like a lower risk environment, serious injuries still can and do occur in home builds. It is vital to keep your construction site as safe as possible, even if it is just a single story home.

We have available 17,000m2 of residential nets equivalent to over 80 house lots of nets, and together with our 10 years commercial and residential experience and a certified FACET inspector we can offer a professional service for all your fall protection needs.

We offer this service to all sections of the residential building industry providing a total service in health and safety.

SiteNets have a great reputation in the building industry. If you find you are in a position where you need a safety net – call us. We will do everything we can to fit in an urgent booking or adapt our installation processes to work safely in your setting.

Sitenets sponsors young Trey Nairn at the races

Sitenets took on a slightly different side adventure in 2016. We sponsored a highly talented young racecar driver – Trey Nairn. Being just a young 16 year old, Trey has an impressive line up of accolades from KartSport NZ and in 2015 moved into race cars.


Early November 2016 saw Trey take to the wheel at the SSangyong Actyon Ute Series Race in Pukekohe.

The Ssangyong Actyon Ute Series is a race series different to others available for up and coming race talent. For one, all utes on the track are the same make and model. This allows the drivers to really push their skillsets and win based on talent alone and not the differences in the vehicles.

Up and coming drivers are able to make their way up the motor racing ladder achieving recognised results in a highly competitive environment. They are able to hone their skills and enjoy their time on the track. Unlike other grassroot events, the Ssangyong Actyon Races are televised.

The race on November 4 wasn’t without its fair share of carnage. A wet track and some oversteering saw a hard hit on the track and debris across the track. Up against the other drivers Trey took an impressive 10th place.

So is there any relevance to Safety Nets and sponsoring a driver? Well of course! Current code of practice within NASCAR is that all cars must have a nylon window net to protect the driver from flying debris and to contain the driver’s arms during a crash. In the unfortunate event of a crash, the drivers are instructed to lower the window net to signify that they are uninjured.

Final laps Race three Pukakoe 6.11.16

Although the Ssangyong Actyon Race wasn’t NASCAR safety is still paramount. Window nets weren’t a requisite in the Pukekohe race however they do provide extra protection. When racing and someone loses control the subsequent carnage caused by the car hitting the walls or other drivers careering into the stricken car can create a wave of broken glass, metal and other debris to fly out across the track and towards the spectators. Having a debris net around the track would give added comfort to spectators knowing that if there is a crash any flying debris would be captured.

Safety nets have a range of uses and do not have to be restricted to a construction site installation. A safety net is a net used to protect people. This can be from injury after falling from heights by limiting the distance they fall, or a safety net can also be a device used to capture flying objects for the safety of people beyond or below the net.

Sitenets Ltd have a wide range of safety nets available to cater for any need – be it commercial, residential or leisure. All of our nets meet current safety guidelines. We are supported by nearly 35 years as a manufacturer of high quality safety nets. Our history has been marked by the constant innovation and the commitment to those who have come to rely on our networks over the last decades.

The philosophy of our company has always aimed at providing the market with the highest quality networks. We understand the importance of safety, both in industry and in construction.

And that is why Sitenets LTD nets have always been subject to more stringent tests to ensure maximum safety at all times. In the sporting goods market, our nets are synonymous with leadership. The high level of performance of the nets has won international recognition and trust of some of the largest global events in the world of sport.

Thank You Armitage Williams Construction

Some great feedback about our services from Armitage Williams Construction. Your comments are much appreciated and we look forward to being of service again in the near future. Thank you for choosing Sitenets.

Dear Selena,



Further to completion of the above project, we write to express our appreciation for
the way in which Site Nets carried out their subcontract on this project.
In order to deliver this project as promised with such a tight timeframe and high level
of finish we required your company’s full commitment.
Site Nets meet the required obligations to achieve the project goals and we take this
opportunity to personally thank you and your team for the effort you have given on
this project.

The quality of the finish achieved was excellent and we have received compliments
from the Architect and our client for the high standards of workmanship delivered.
We are proud of the result achieved on this project as you should be, and we look
forward to working with your company on future projects
Yours faithfully, on behalf of all Directors; Mark Blyth, Paul Williams & Ben Harrow

Ben Harrow



Height Safety Equipment, whats what

When you are constructing a building many people just think of ringing a building company and that’s that.  Not many people realise just how many different jobs it takes and how many different people to construct a building.  For example the list of people needed to fully construct a building are as follows:working_in_heights

  • Roofers
  • Spouting Installers
  • Solar heating installers
  • Carpenter
  • Carpet Layer
  • Electrician
  • Linemen
  • Glazier
  • Fencer
  • Heavy equipment Operator
  • Laborer
  • Landscaper
  • Decorator
  • House painter
  • Plasterer
  • Plumber
  • Pile driver

The list goes on and on. Safety of the workers should be paramount as there are far too many accidents on building sites.  Things that need to be considered are

  • Edge protection
  • Height Safety
  • Inspections
  • Prevention Plans
  • Proper Training
  • Proper Equipment such as hard hats and gloves
  • Construction site manager

Unfortunately falls from heights are still the leading cause of injury in the construction industry.  There should be safety systems in place no matter what height you work at as even a fall from a relatively small height can cause severe injury or death. Following is a list of things that should be in place when working at height.

  • Scaffolding
  • Harness systems
  • Appropriate ladders
  • Safety nets
  • Appropriate attire
  • Safety Mesh
  • Balustrade
  • Guardrail
  • Mechanical access plant
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
  • Forklift Platforms
  • Crane Lift Platforms
  • Crane Lift Platforms

As we can see by this article constructing a building is more complicated than it seems.  There is much more involved and much more that needs to at least be considered.

Your Safety First with Safety Nets

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family if you were seriously injured at work? Putting yourself in peril is not a thought you most likely have when you leave home in the morning and go off to work. Most of us go to work assuming that we will return home uninjured at the end of our day.safety_nets_first

If you are an employer, installing Sitenet safety nets on your construction site will give you peace of mind knowing that your site meets the Department of Labour Health & Safety best practice for working at height in New Zealand. Safety nets allow greater mobility around a construction site with fewer restrictions, which means your workers can move around safely with any potential hazards minimised. This results in a more effective and efficient workflow and allows tasks to be achieved more quickly.

You are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for your workers. No one wants to come face to face with a worst case scenario. Being prepared for a worst case scenario is not a new idea and neither is preventing the worst from happening. Your best practice is safety first. It is important to keep employees safe and keep costs down by creating a safe work environment. If you can increase the safety confidence in your workforce you will see increased productivity. A Sitenet safety net automatically gives you and your workers the confidence that they are being looked after and their safety is paramount.

On the other hand, if you are an employee, Sitenet safety nets are for your protection. Accidents happen in a split second and are never planned. If you were to fall from scaffolding or a roof and there were no safety nets – your predicament is dire. Have you considered the what-ifs should your worksite not have safety nets? 

  1. If you are injured, much of your care will probably depend on the support of your family. You may find that you are fully dependant on family for transportation, care, communication with companies, and emotional support. Your spouse or other family members may not be the most compassionate people in the world when it comes to taking care of you if you are injured – especially if they know you could have avoided the injury in the first place.
  2. If you are injured, the psychological impacts can be significant for you and your family. Workers that are injured on the job are often angry, depressed, and stressed. Unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, excessive use of alcohol, or drug abuse can result.
  3. A seriously injured worker often can no longer function normally. Often these individuals cannot perform routine activities or are limited in their capacity to perform personal or domestic functions. Picture yourself not being able to walk across the room or hold your child or to take care of your own needs.
  4. Depending upon many factors such as time to recover and the completeness of the recovery, a worker may have to be temporarily placed in an assignment that will let him or her return to work or the injured worker may be permanently disabled and unable to return to work in any capacity. The impacts are not desirable: loss of income, loss of sense of belonging, and loss of productive contribution.
  5. If you are injured, the economic impact to you and your family can be extreme. Depending on the severity of your injury, an injured worker may be faced with a minimal or quite significant economic impact. A worker who is not permanently disabled due to injury is estimated to lose around $8000 in income per injury over a 10-year period. Some workers mistakenly think that ACC will cover their expenses if they are injured. While certain medical costs and a portion of income are covered, an injured worker’s expenses are often much higher after an injury. Additionally, the injured worker’s spouse may have to give up a job or reduce work hours to help provide care.

Safety nets are the most efficient and cost effective fall protection barrier. Everyone’s goal at the end of the day is to return home safe to their loved ones. Accidents happen. We all know this to be true. But having a Sitenet safety net installed on your site gives you the peace of mind that your safety is put first.

Safety Netting Fall Protection and the Council

The HSE Act (Safety Nets Council requirements) states if there is a chance for anyone to fall from any height regardless of how long they are working all reasonable and practical steps must be taken to ensure their safety.  Many think that if they are working a height under three metres no safety steps need to be taken this is untrue.  A fall from even this height can still cause life changing injuries and even paralysis.  In one year out of 760 residential construction sites visited half were shut down for not meeting safety guidelines. 


The costs to the construction industry are $24 million a year.  Safety nets are one of the leading go-to’s for site safety, we at Sitenets have been manufacturing high quality safety nets for over 35 years.  Our Nets are:

  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% Inert (does not produce bacteria)
  • 100% non-allergic
  • Cannot be digested by insects
  • Does not accumulate electricity
  • Has a high resistance to abrasion
  • Has a high protection against UV rays
  • Maintains tenacity in acid or alkaline environments
  • Not affected by any acid except boiling xylene
  • Dirt resistant
  • Non absorbent
  • Does not have knots so no knot displacement

Our Nets Include:

Horizontal Netting

Safety Net EN1263-1

With 30 kN border rope

Class A2

Minimum breaking load 30 kN

This has mesh dimensions of 100x100mm, manufactured in High Tenacity Polypropylene with anti-solar treatment. Please see our website for more information.

Vertical Closure

This netting protects workers from falling and protects pedestrians from falling debris as well as neighbouring properties.  Good for use on buildings, homes, construction sites, scaffolding and high working areas. They meet all safety standards and come in a range of diameters, types and colours.

Balustrade netting

These nets prevent people or materials from falling from edges such as floors, rooves, stairs and excavations.  Standard dimensions are 1.5 – 2 metres x length as requested.  Please see our website for more information.

Debris netting

This type prevents small pieces of debris falling.  Standard dimensions are 5x10m.  Please see our website for more information

Are cheap safety nets the solution?

Let’s face it, construction is expensive, building is expensive and kiwis like to get a good deal. However, when it comes to safety nets a good deal is not all you should be thinking of. Buying a safety net because it is cheap or solely because it is a good deal can end in disaster. If the safety net is cheap you must ask yourself, why? Has the manufacturer skimped on the quality of the net?


Have they missed steps out of the construction? Have they used inferior materials? All to give you a cheaper deal? The last thing any construction site needs is an accident, it not only causes suffering for those involved but will end up costing a lot more than it would have to buy a good quality safety net. Not to mention your company’s reputation. If a fall occurs and especially if the worker dies and the investigation shows inferior safety precautions like an inferior safety net it can cost your company thousands of dollars in fines as well as have your site completely shut down.

The ministry of business, innovation and employment shut down 385 residential construction sites in just five months in 2012. In 2014 the construction industry had over 32,000 ACC claims, the majority of which was from fall related injuries. On the 4 April 2016 a new law of health and safety at work act came into force. This new law stresses that everyone at work is responsible for health and safety. So as we see New Zealand is getting tough on work place health and safety. Having quality measures in place goes a long way to protect workers and companies from the outcome of a mishap.

Sitenets Ltd specialise in sitenets. We have 35 years behind us of high quality safety nets. We understand the importance of site safety and thus have been subject to more stringent tests to ensure maximum safety. We even cover a sector that has been hugely neglected, that of flameproof networking. Our site nets are regularly checked and maintained to ensure maximum safety for your workers. Our nets meet all NZ safety standards and are made from high tenacity polypropylene that has been proven to be the optimal material for safety nets. Call us today for your free quote, you can trust our nets to protect your workers and therefore your company from disaster.

Safety nets for scaffolding

Safety nets are the most efficient and cost effective fall protection barrier. Scaffold safety nets are used around the perimeter of the scaffolding to prevent any falls from materials or workers falling off. This not only protects the workers but the material, adjacent buildings and any public passing by.


Safety nets mean the workers can work unhindered thus able to move more freely for example it eliminates the need for safety harnesses which can hinder movement and basically just get in the way. Our specialised scaffolding nets can be used around normal scaffolding. For example, our safety nets can be used for maintenance of fragile roofs, skylights, glass atriums, internal voids including steel and metal formwork and bondeck placements and vertical nets for debris protection.

We have available 17,000m2 of commercial netting available. Correct mounting of the safety nets is crucial, if it is mounted incorrectly the netting cannot hold the pressure of the falling person or object and it will all just collapse. Our team are fully qualified and trained to install the nets correctly. They provide regular inspections of the nets to ensure they are still positioned correctly. Our nets are of the highest quality and meet all New Zealand standards in safety. They are 100% recyclable, inert and non-allergic. Cannot be digested by any insect nor do they accumulate static electricity. They have a high resistance to abrasion, and high protection against UV rays. They aren’t affected by any acid, are dirt resistant and non-absorbent. They are not necessary to dimensionally stabilise via the thermos fixing of knots, it has no knots so no possibility of knot displacement. Being knotless means when a load lands on our nets the net doesn’t tighten which would permanently reduce the amount the net can then absorb in future thus making it safer.

So if you are using scaffolding it is vitally important to get proper safety nets installed. We at sitenets are the “go-to” company for all your needs. Call us today and let us work with you for a safe working environment.