What Are Our Safety Nets Made Of?

The material that a safety net is made of is one of the biggest factors which determines it’s strength and ability to perform it’s task of catching falling objects. Different materials can be used for different purposes depending on what the net has been designed for.

What are our nets made of? The nets we supply are made of high tenacity polypropylene. Polypropylene, sometimes also called polypropene, is a type of thermoplastic polymer many different applications ranging from packaging and labeling, stationery, plastic parts and containers, lab equipment, loudspeakers, even polymer.

The benefit of polypropylene is that it is normally tough and flexible, especially when copolymerised with ethylene. This makes polypropylene a suitable engineering plastic and excellent alternative to materials such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It is also reasonably economical and can be made translucent when uncolored as well as opaque/coloured.

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Sitenets LTD
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 5 reviews
by Adam Q, Builder,Tauranga on Sitenets LTD

Sitenets were a pleasure to partner with to complete the construction work we were doing on a multi-story building. Their netting was by far the best I'd seen when creates a safe environment when you are working so high off the ground. It's nice to be confident in what should catch your fall!

by Tom & Jess, Home Owners, Taupo on Sitenets LTD

We hired Sitenets ltd to do the safety netting which having some construction work done on our home. We couldn't be happier with the service we got. Through we don't know much about safety netting, the install looked very good and even the builder commented on how well it was done! The extra effort really shows. A+

by John,Scaffolding Erecter, Hamilton on Sitenets LTD

Makes the job so easy when who you are working with know what they are doing, care about the job and do it right. Thanks Sitenets for a smooth experience, I hope to be working with you in the future!

by Sarah, Project Manager, Taupo on Sitenets LTD

It's so great to work with a company who are efficient and don't mess around. They were on time, told us of any difficulties and just go the job done. That's what we like!!

by Tony,Auckland Builder on Sitenets LTD

Sitenets were very easy to work with and a friendly bunch, made it a pleasure to be working along side them. Looking forward to the next job we do together.