Commercial And Industrial Fall Protection Safety Nets

In the commercial sector safety nets are the most efficient and cost effective fall protection barrier for many different applications.

Site Nets Ltd provide a complete safety solution for all of the construction trades where other fall protection systems are not viable, practical or safe.

How do fall protection safety nets work?

commercial_fall_protection_safety_netsScaffold safety nets are used extensively in the construction industry and are used around the perimeter of the scaffolding or temporary fencing, this in turn prevents any construction materials or other objects falling from the scaffolds and protects adjacent buildings, they can also prevent workers from falling through the scaffold from heights hence the perfect safety barrier for everyone working on the top or lower levels of the scaffolds including the general public.

As an Example In the commercial sector safety nets can be used for maintenance of fragile roofs, skylights, glass atriums, internal voids, including steel and metal formwork and bondeck placements and vertical nets for debris protection.

We have available 17,000m2 of commercial netting with certified FASET trained installers and can offer a professional service for all your fall protection needs.

Once installed and on site we visit the sites on a regular basis to check and maintain ongoing visual inspections of the installed nets.

We can provide a fast and effective service that will allow your team to progress quickly and efficiently with the task at hand, while providing you with peace of mind at a affordable price.


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