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Safety nets are the most efficient and cost effective fall arrest system for home and residential applications. Whether you are replacing roof tiles on your home or you are doing a complete build, we provide the residential safety net solution you need.

How do fall arrest safety nets work?

residential_fall_arrest_safety_netSafety netting fall arrest systems work by way of absorption of the energy created when a fall occurs, the intertwined meshes are released slowly through the cords systems in the nets, therefore having the correct sag and fall height is a very critical part of the installation for the nets, that’s why we only use certified FASET trained installers.

Providing a work safe environment is not just a good idea, it is now the law to do so and is beneficial to all concerned, it also adheres to loss prevention strategies insurance companies believe will lower your risk – including legal risk.

Even though a residential setting may seen like a lower risk environment, serious injuries still can and do occur in home builds. It is vital to keep your construction site as safe as possible, even if it is just a single story home.

We have available 17,000m2 of residential nets equivalent to over 80 house lots of nets, and together with our 10 years commercial and residential experience and a certified FACET inspector we can offer a professional service for all your fall protection needs.

We offer this service to all sections of the residential building industry providing a total service in health and safety. Square Metre prices will depend on the size of the area where safety nets are required to be fitted.


  • An area less than 200m2 will average a cost of $4.75m2.
  • An area of 200m2 to 300m2 will average a cost of $4.25m2.
  • An area over 300m2 will average a cost of $4.00m2.
  • The installation cost is calculated on the total floor area or footprint of the house.


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