Stuff NZ Canterbury School Construction

Canterbury continues to push ahead in rebuilding and future proofing development far away from the 2010 earthquake destruction. With over $36 million committed to Canterbury’s schools and academic facilities, modern new learning environments have taken shape all over the Canterbury horizon. Helping to keep the workers on these sites safe has been Site Nets. Whether


Lichfield Street Carpark Rebuild

Christchurch has certainly been a phoenix since 2011 when the massive earthquake hit. From amongst the despair and destruction the city that was promised to be rebuilt has risen from the ashes and continues to do so. Bigger and better, more dynamic and with innovation found at every street corner, Christchurch is most definitely a

A Residential Safety Net Installation

A properly done safety net installation can literally mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to safety, there can be no shortcuts taken. We at Sitenets take safety very seriously. Here are some photos of an installation we recently did, where a home was being built and horizontal fall protection was needed.