Lichfield Street Carpark Rebuild

Christchurch has certainly been a phoenix since 2011 when the massive earthquake hit. From amongst the despair and destruction the city that was promised to be rebuilt has risen from the ashes and continues to do so. Bigger and better, more dynamic and with innovation found at every street corner, Christchurch is most definitely a city of the future.

One of the main carparks in the city, the Lichfield Street Carpark, was deemed unworthy of repair in 2013. It was damaged so badly that it was deemed uneconomic to repair by the Christchurch City Council.

There was a lot of pressure on the Council from the retail sector to see the demolition and then rebuild happen. Obviously the retail sector was very hard hit in the earthquakes that rocked Christchurch so anything that could get the retailers back into retail space and operating again was a priority.

Demolishing such a structure within the confines of an inner city precinct is never easy and health and safety issues abound at every corner.

The Christchurch City Council tendered the rebuild project and a consortium led by Clearwater Construction and including DHC Consulting, DH Steel Construction and MAP Architects won the contract.

As part of their process, SiteNets NZ was called upon for our expertise in site safety nets and an agreement was met to work on this project together. To date, the Lichfield Street Carpark rebuild is one of the biggest sites SiteNets has worked on.

The Lichfield Street Carpark had a timeline to completion of 12 months.  During this timeline 7 floors would need to be built out of structural steel and concrete. At the finale, there would be 804 parking spaces and over 950m2 of retail space. In all, almost 3 rugby fields worth of steel and concrete would be engineered, poured and installed to achieve this goal.

So, why was SiteNets Ltd chosen as the operator of choice for safety netting on this commercial construction site?  We have over 17,000m2 of commercial netting available for our commercial projects. As this site progressed up higher into the skyline it was imperative that scaffold safety nets were used around the perimeter of the scaffolding and temporary fencing to prevent any construction materials or other objects falling from the scaffolds.

If you check out the video you can see our nets installed on the west side of the carpark as it is in construction. Our nets kept the many workers on this site safe hour after hour, day after day.

Our site nets protected adjacent buildings from falling debris and having our nets across the building between the levels provided added safety for the workers on the site should they have fallen. Having a safety net system from Site Nets Ltd provides the perfect safety barrier for everyone working on the top or lower levels of the scaffolds including the general public.

For such a prominent building site, SiteNets Ltd was chosen as the provider of safety netting because of the quality of our netting available. Our nets have always been subject to more stringent tests to ensure maximum safety at all times. We also have a solid reputation throughout Christchurch and Canterbury as the premium provider of safety nets for the building industry.

At the completion of the Lichfield Street Carpark project, SiteNets were proud to be the providers of the safety netting. If you are requiring safety netting for your commercial project, call us! We will have the solution for you.