Stuff NZ Canterbury School Construction

Canterbury continues to push ahead in rebuilding and future proofing development far away from the 2010 earthquake destruction. With over $36 million committed to Canterbury’s schools and academic facilities, modern new learning environments have taken shape all over the Canterbury horizon.

Helping to keep the workers on these sites safe has been Site Nets. Whether it has been an 8 class building or a new school hall or administration block, Site Nets safety nets have been on site protecting workers during their time on the sites.


When an area faces an increased building boom, like Canterbury has been forced to undertake due to the unwanted earthquakes, often building supplies and construction equipment can be put under a demand that cannot be satisfied.

Due to Site Nets 35 years of manufacturing of high quality safety nets, we have been able to provide safety netting for almost all of the Canterbury Ministry of Education school rebuild sites. This is something that we are proud to have been able to support.


The safety issues that crop up on building sites can be similar in nature, or highly varied due to the timeframes, the positioning of the site and the number of workers on the site at any one time. Due to these factors, project managers have a high expectation for the safety of their workers. Time after time, Site Nets are the preferred supplier of safety netting for high end construction sites.

Our netting is well known in the industry to be of the highest quality and our company is known for our outstanding commitment to constant innovation.

One of the projects that Site Nets are currently supporting is the redevelopment of Kaiapoi High School. The first stage is underway and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Not only are there stages to the redevelopment but in between stage one and the secondary stage, the old block which will stand between the two new developments will need to be demolished. This too will require Site Nets safety netting to ensure the safety of everyone on site.


The health and safety of everyone on a building site is paramount. Without having your workers’ safety covered properly the likelihood of your project coming to completion safely is in question. Not only is it law to have health and safety requirements met on site but it is an insurance and assurance for your workers to have the best equipment available to them. It means that you can go home each night and rest easy knowing that if something should happen, you have the best safety equipment in place.

No matter if your site is small or large, residential, commercial or leisure site, consider Site Nets safety netting for your workers. Call us to day to find out how we can provide your site with the best in New Zealand safety netting!