Safety Equipment Suppliers

Whether you have been in the building game for decades, are just starting out or are planning some renovations in your spare time – being safety conscious and having the best equipment is vitally important for you and/or your team.

Everyone deserves to go to work, stay safe, and get home to their families without injury.

This is where Site Nets are your one stop shop for safety equipment supplies.

Site Nets have a range of safety options for your project. We can and have covered residential and commercial sites (and even have a range suitable for leisure activities!).


If you have never used a safety net before you might wonder if they are really necessary and how they work. All safety measures are a form of security and insurance. This in turn provides you or your people with assurance that should the unplanned happen and they slip or fall there is a system in place to prevent them from receiving serious injuries.

It is a wise employer that has strong health and safety measures in place – and Site Nets take pride in providing safety nets that adhere to the national safety standards in New Zealand.

Site Nets safety nets are not like all other nets. Some of the features that set them apart from other brands of netting some safety net companies offer are that they :
• Are 100% recyclable
• Are 100% Inert (does not produce bacteria)
• Are 100% non-allergic
• Cannot be digested by insects
• Do not accumulate electricity
• Have a high resistance to abrasion
• Have a high protection against UV rays
• Maintain tenacity in acid or alkaline environments
• Are not affected by any acid except boiling xylene
• Are dirt resistant
• Are non absorbent
• Do not have knots so the knots will never get displaced

Fall arrest netting systems work by way of absorption of the energy created when a fall occurs, the intertwined mesh is released slowly through the cord systems in the nets, therefore having the correct sag and fall height is a very critical part of the installation for the nets, that’s why we only use certified FASET trained installers.

Even though a residential setting may seem like a lower risk environment, serious injuries still can and do occur in home builds. It is vital to keep your construction site as safe as possible, even if it is just a single story home.
Scaffold safety nets are used extensively in the construction industry and are used around the perimeter of the scaffolding or temporary fencing, this in turn prevents any construction materials or other objects falling from the scaffolds and protects adjacent buildings, they can also prevent workers from falling through the scaffold from heights hence they are the perfect safety barrier for everyone working on the top or lower levels of the scaffolds including the general public.

As a safety equipment supply company, Sitenets Ltd specialise in safety nets and provide fall protection nets and leisure netting solutions throughout New Zealand. No matter where you are in the country, you can call us at Sitenets and we can arrange the right safety nets for your project. Depending on your specific requirements, our assessors will provide you with the right solution for your budget.

As mentioned at the start of this post, besides providing safety nets for residential and commercial projects, we also specialise in a wide range of nets for sporting requirements including goal nets and tennis nets.
So no matter why you might be needing or considering having safety nets give us a call and we will be able to see you right!