Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, if Humpty Dumpty was working with a sitenet, Humpty Dumpty wouldn’t have fallen at all….

Workplace injuries kill about 100 New Zealander’s a year, with a huge 48% being falls from a height in construction. Falls from less than three metres in height account for 70% of falls from a temporary structure, 50% of falls from a permanent structure and 60% of all falls from height. So the height you fall from doesn’t matter, if you fall, you will break. Unfortunately, the human body isn’t designed to fall and break, so no king’s horses or men can just put you back together again. Falling from a height can leave long lasting or permanent damage, that’s if you don’t get killed.

Apart from the damage done to a worker physically construction firms are fined heavily if the worker wasn’t kept acceptably safe. WorksafeNZ are doing a wide ranged, and active campaign to reduce injuries and deaths from falls. So companies need to be vigilant in protecting their workers from falls. Yes, a worksafe environment is now thankfully law. This is where us at sitenets come in.

Our safety netting fall arrest systems work by absorbing the energy created when a fall occurs. The intertwined meshes are released slowly through the cords systems in the nets therefore having the correct sag. Our commercial nets are used extensively and prevents materials or other objects falling, thus protecting workers, other buildings and most importantly workers. We visit our nets regularly to check and maintain them with ongoing visual inspections. We offer a fast and effective service.Humpty dumpty fell off the wall

Residentially our safety nets are the most efficient and cost effective solution to your protection while working around the house. You may not think of using our nets in a residential situation but even a fall from a one story home can have disastrous consequences, it’s just not worth the risk. Call us now and you will be surprised at what we can offer.

Don’t let yourself be put in a situation where you are picking up pieces of egg shell, wishing your story could have ended differently. Let us protect you.

Why safety nets from Site Nets Ltd

In 2010 77 people were killed in workplace fatalities. In 2015 that number has been reduced to 35, however 35 is still too many deaths. Construction ranks 3rd in fatalities behind agriculture and extra activities. Not to mention the work related injuries, then there is the cost to construction companies surrounding these issues. Site nets installed at construction sites would greatly reduce this number. What are site nets? These are nets strategically placed around construction sites to catch falling people or debris, thus making the site a much safer environment. However you should only use certified companies. is such a company and is dedicated to the safety of people. Why sitenets over other companies though? Sitenets has 35 years of high quality safety nets experience
. Our dedication to quality ensures our nets are tested to maximum safety. These nets have now been certified as flameproof which has covered a highly neglected safety area and once installed at a site the nets are regularly checked and maintained.

Faset Safety Net Rigger Trainingsafety_nets
Our safety net professionals have all successfully completed the FASET course for safety net rigger (General), working to the requirements of EN1263/2 and BS8411, using EN1263/1 safety nets and attachments and has met the criteria laid down within the scheme and prior to training.
We have also team members that have completed Faset Safety Net Repair Certificate, and a Safety Net Inspectors Certificate. Site Safe Passports

Silver Card EWP Operator training
Unit standards
23966 V1 Types of EWP and Legislation
23960 V2 Work Hazards and Scissor Lift
23962 V2 Work Hazards and Boom Lift

So contact us today for an obligation free quote where we will strive to meet your requirements and your budget, as a bonus we install nationwide.

How Strong Are Our Nets?

When considering safety equipment, you will want to be confident that it will be up to the task and hold up under pressure, when they are needed. The last thing anyone wants is after putting the effort to get safety equipment for it to fail in the case of an accident. The strength of the net is crucial to ensure it can catch falling objects and should the worst happen, people.

The nets we supply are made of top quality materials to ensure the best possible outcome in the case of an accident. Our nets meet all NZ safety standards are are made from high tenacity polypropylene which has been proven time and again to be the optimal material for safety nets.

residential_safety_net_installationsBut the net itself is not the only factor on the equation. The quality of the installation plays a big part. Even the best net in the world is useless if it has not been installed properly. This is why we pride ourselves on the quality of our installations. When you use Sitenets Ltd, you can be sure you are getting the very best to install your nets. And this can be seen but the finish of the installation, even if you are not a netting expert. A tidy, well presented installation is a strong one. And this is exactly what you can expect from us!

Commercial Netting For Any Situation

commercial_safety_net_solutionsBeing the commercial construction business, you will get be faced with jobs and scenarios of all kinds. Be it constructing a high rise building, adding a floor to an already constructed building, or putting together a new spaghetti junction for the city’s motorway system, no doubt safety will be the first thing on your mind. And we can help!

No matter what your requirements are, we can provide the solution you need to safety netting. We have worked with many construction and building companies and businesses all across New Zealand to provide safety solutions for everyone on site. All of our nets and installations meet all required NZ safety standards.

If you would like to plan a solution for your next project, give us a call today! We can plan ahead and have a solution ready for when your job begins.

What Are Our Safety Nets Made Of?

The material that a safety net is made of is one of the biggest factors which determines it’s strength and ability to perform it’s task of catching falling objects. Different materials can be used for different purposes depending on what the net has been designed for.

What are our nets made of? The nets we supply are made of high tenacity polypropylene. Polypropylene, sometimes also called polypropene, is a type of thermoplastic polymer many different applications ranging from packaging and labeling, stationery, plastic parts and containers, lab equipment, loudspeakers, even polymer Polypropylene_safety_betbanknotes. And of course, safety nets and ropes.

The benefit of polypropylene is that it is normally tough and flexible, especially when copolymerised with ethylene. This makes polypropylene a suitable engineering plastic and excellent alternative to materials such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It is also reasonably economical and can be made translucent when uncolored as well as opaque/coloured.

Polypropylene makes an excellent material for safety nets due to it’s characteristics and has proven to be excellent for the job. To see more details, visit our specifications page.

Why It’s So Important To Get Safety Netting Correct.

When it comes to safety equipment, many people often overlook how important it is an develop an attitude of she’ll be right, or that’ll do. However, the correct safety equipment can mean saving your, or someone else’s life, as well as preventing property and equipment damage.

correctly_setup_safety_equipmentSafety nets are the most important safety equipment you can have on a construction site. Safety nets installed correctly are there to prevent both people and objects, such as stones, broken pieces of concrete or even tools, from falling onto the ground below. But the most important thing to remember is the net must be installed correctly to do it’s job. We have seen far too many sites where the right thing was done by getting a safety net but the installation was done incorrectly, some to the point that they would do nothing at all in the case of a fall!

Always remember, when working on a construction site, even if it’s just your home, always correctly set up safety equipment!

Deciding Between Vertical Or Horizontal Netting

When deciding on netting, it is important to select the netting system which will best work for your application. Both horizontal and vertical netting have their benefits, so it will depend on the requirements at hand.


Vertical netting.
Vertical netting offers many benefits, such as increased safety by preventing debris from falling from the building site to the ground below. Vertical netting is usually bright orange or green in color, being easily recognisable. The netting protects workers for edges by acting as a guardrail system, eliminating the need for mid-rail and toe boards. Being a bright color, it also provides a visible safety barrier that can easily be seen even from ground level.

Horizontal netting
Horizontal netting systems are designed to catch falling debris and possibly workers. They act as a safety barrier between the ground and higher levels where work is being done. It is often used to catch falling debris at concrete building sites at the pour levels and during the installation and removal of tables and forms. It is strong enough to catch brick, concrete blocks and pieces, tools and even people, should that happen.

Selecting the correct type of netting is crucial to ensure that safety of everyone on the work site and the property. One of the most important things to remember is that every project is unique, so the different types of netting will have to be selected based on each job. It is a good idea to consult with an expert as to which type of netting is best for your work. We at Sitenets can help you to select the correct net for your job!



The Law On Height Safety Equipment

When starting a project such as a house build, it is always important to know the law and consider the safety of all those involved in the project. Do you know what the law is on height safety equipment?

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment provides a guide which covers best practices when it comes to working at heights and the safety equipment required. If you are involved in a project, you should study this guide carefully to ensure that you follow all that is required.

You can download the guide below.


Fall Protection Safety Nets Save Lives!

When you are working on a potentially dangerous site, such as a construction site, you have to consider the safety of yourself or your workers, and those around you as well, such as the public. High heights are of particular danger to both workers and the public.

Fall_protection_safety_netsThe leading cause of death of construction works is due to falls. The is something that can easily be prevented with correctly installed fall protection safety netting systems. One of the other highest causes of death on a work site is caused by being struck by a falling object. Again, something that could 99% of the time be easily prevented with correct fall protection safety netting.

Sitenets Ltd can help you to improve the safety of your construction site one hundred fold by correctly installing a quality safety net to ensure that death due to falls and falling objects does not occur. A properly installed fall protection safety net can really mean the difference between life and dealth! Talk to us today about your safety netting installation by calling 0800 378921.

What’s The Difference Between Properly Installed Nets And Poorly Installed Nets?

The installation of a net can be the deciding factor between whether the net does it’s job or whether it’s just for decoration on a building site. A net that has not been installed properly will not do it’s job properly, and possibly at all, as is just as good as if it were not there.

So what dictates a properly installed net? The way the nets are fixed to the framing, joined and looped together and set are all part of the installation and give the net strength to withstand the stress of something falling on it. Here are some examples of poorly installed netting:

Poor_netting Poorly_installed_nets Badly_installed_nets

As you can see in these images, there are loose bits of netting left hanging around, the nets have not been joined together properly and they are not properly fixed to the framing. These nets would do little in the case of a fall. This is why it is important to have a professional you trust install all of your safety netting, as your life could really depend on it!