What’s The Difference Between Properly Installed Nets And Poorly Installed Nets?

The installation of a net can be the deciding factor between whether the net does it’s job or whether it’s just for decoration on a building site. A net that has not been installed properly will not do it’s job properly, and possibly at all, as is just as good as if it were not there.

So what dictates a properly installed net? The way the nets are fixed to the framing, joined and looped together and set are all part of the installation and give the net strength to withstand the stress of something falling on it. Here are some examples of poorly installed netting:

Poor_netting Poorly_installed_nets Badly_installed_nets

As you can see in these images, there are loose bits of netting left hanging around, the nets have not been joined together properly and they are not properly fixed to the framing. These nets would do little in the case of a fall. This is why it is important to have a professional you trust install all of your safety netting, as your life could really depend on it!