The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Netting

When installing safety netting, you need to be aware of what the job at hand requires as different procedures and techniques are used for different netting needs. This is particularly true when it comes to residential vs commercial safety netting.

difference_between_commercial_and_residential_nettingSo what is the difference?  With residential netting, it’s main purpose is to prevent falls and stop injury. Often you are working with a much lower height that a commercial installation, so the netting needs to be installed with the correct sag height to ensure that it does it’s job effectively. Residential netting is almost always horizontally installed.

Commercial netting can be much more complex and depends on the individual installations. Many commercial sites will be multi story reaching big heights, meaning that both vertical and horizontal nets may be necessary. Correct net selection is very crucial to ensure the net is strong enough to prevent debris and people from falling. Commercial netting is also build to withstand the abuse that comes with being on a commercial site which is not seen in a residential setting.