Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, if Humpty Dumpty was working with a sitenet, Humpty Dumpty wouldn’t have fallen at all….

Workplace injuries kill about 100 New Zealander’s a year, with a huge 48% being falls from a height in construction. Falls from less than three metres in height account for 70% of falls from a temporary structure, 50% of falls from a permanent structure and 60% of all falls from height. So the height you fall from doesn’t matter, if you fall, you will break. Unfortunately, the human body isn’t designed to fall and break, so no king’s horses or men can just put you back together again. Falling from a height can leave long lasting or permanent damage, that’s if you don’t get killed.

Apart from the damage done to a worker physically construction firms are fined heavily if the worker wasn’t kept acceptably safe. WorksafeNZ are doing a wide ranged, and active campaign to reduce injuries and deaths from falls. So companies need to be vigilant in protecting their workers from falls. Yes, a worksafe environment is now thankfully law. This is where us at sitenets come in.

Our safety netting fall arrest systems work by absorbing the energy created when a fall occurs. The intertwined meshes are released slowly through the cords systems in the nets therefore having the correct sag. Our commercial nets are used extensively and prevents materials or other objects falling, thus protecting workers, other buildings and most importantly workers. We visit our nets regularly to check and maintain them with ongoing visual inspections. We offer a fast and effective service.Humpty dumpty fell off the wall

Residentially our safety nets are the most efficient and cost effective solution to your protection while working around the house. You may not think of using our nets in a residential situation but even a fall from a one story home can have disastrous consequences, it’s just not worth the risk. Call us now and you will be surprised at what we can offer.

Don’t let yourself be put in a situation where you are picking up pieces of egg shell, wishing your story could have ended differently. Let us protect you.