Why It’s So Important To Get Safety Netting Correct.

When it comes to safety equipment, many people often overlook how important it is an develop an attitude of she’ll be right, or that’ll do. However, the correct safety equipment can mean saving your, or someone else’s life, as well as preventing property and equipment damage.

correctly_setup_safety_equipmentSafety nets are the most important safety equipment you can have on a construction site. Safety nets installed correctly are there to prevent both people and objects, such as stones, broken pieces of concrete or even tools, from falling onto the ground below. But the most important thing to remember is the net must be installed correctly to do it’s job. We have seen far too many sites where the right thing was done by getting a safety net but the installation was done incorrectly, some to the point that they would do nothing at all in the case of a fall!

Always remember, when working on a construction site, even if it’s just your home, always correctly set up safety equipment!