Are cheap safety nets the solution?

Let’s face it, construction is expensive, building is expensive and kiwis like to get a good deal. However, when it comes to safety nets a good deal is not all you should be thinking of. Buying a safety net because it is cheap or solely because it is a good deal can end in disaster. If the safety net is cheap you must ask yourself, why? Has the manufacturer skimped on the quality of the net?


Have they missed steps out of the construction? Have they used inferior materials? All to give you a cheaper deal? The last thing any construction site needs is an accident, it not only causes suffering for those involved but will end up costing a lot more than it would have to buy a good quality safety net. Not to mention your company’s reputation. If a fall occurs and especially if the worker dies and the investigation shows inferior safety precautions like an inferior safety net it can cost your company thousands of dollars in fines as well as have your site completely shut down.

The ministry of business, innovation and employment shut down 385 residential construction sites in just five months in 2012. In 2014 the construction industry had over 32,000 ACC claims, the majority of which was from fall related injuries. On the 4 April 2016 a new law of health and safety at work act came into force. This new law stresses that everyone at work is responsible for health and safety. So as we see New Zealand is getting tough on work place health and safety. Having quality measures in place goes a long way to protect workers and companies from the outcome of a mishap.

Sitenets Ltd specialise in sitenets. We have 35 years behind us of high quality safety nets. We understand the importance of site safety and thus have been subject to more stringent tests to ensure maximum safety. We even cover a sector that has been hugely neglected, that of flameproof networking. Our site nets are regularly checked and maintained to ensure maximum safety for your workers. Our nets meet all NZ safety standards and are made from high tenacity polypropylene that has been proven to be the optimal material for safety nets. Call us today for your free quote, you can trust our nets to protect your workers and therefore your company from disaster.