Things To Remember When Working At Heights In 2018

2018 is well underway and it’s as important as ever to keep safe on the job, especially when working at heights. It’s vital to be aware of all legislation and laws both from a legal perspective and from a personal safety perspective, to ensure everyone is safe on the job.

So what are some things to remember when working at heights?

Falls from 2 meters or above are considered serious and can cause serious harm or death. If anyone is working at these heights, it is vital to consult with an expert about the best options from fall prevention.  All hazards, risks and the safety of the individuals doing the work must be taken into account before advising a safety solution. Everyone involved must feel and be safe, so any expressed concerns need to be addressed before any work commences.

Fall arrest systems are required by law when working is being carried out at height, and must be installed correctly in order to provide the protection required. This is where installation quality comes into play. An improperly installed safety netting system is as good as not installed, so it is vital to ensure that the installers are experienced and qualified.height_safety_risks_fall_protection_nets

Dangers when working at heights including:

  • Persons falling
  • Objects falling
  • Equipment or tools falling
  • Damage to objects underneath from falling persons or objects
  • Danger to people underneath area where there are height risks

We at Sitenets Ltd are here provide the solutions you need to heights safety. We offer all safety net fall arrest protection solutions to ensure that everyone on your job is a safe as possible. If you are starting a job that will involve working at heights, consult with us on which is the best course to take with regards to safety netting and height safety, and we will ensure that you have a safe working environment!