How Much Do Safety Nets Cost?

Installing safety nets in construction sites, sports areas or playgrounds offer security and peace of mind, allowing workers to safely and efficiently perform their job. Netting can quickly save a life. But how much does that have to cost?

How much does safety netting cost?

The cost of safety nets will depend on the size of the area being fitted. The bigger the area, the lesser it will cost per m2. For example:

  • An area less than 200m2 will cost $4.75/m2 on average
  • Areas of 200m2 to 300m2 will have an average cost of $4.25/m2
  • Areas over 300m2 will average a cost of $4/m2

The total installation price is calculated based on the total floor area or footprint of the premises being secured.

Here at Sitenets, we offer full safety netting installation and removal services, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about the hassle of ensuring safety on site. The good thing is we do not charge a weekly hire fee, so you pay a flat rate. However, depending on your location, you may also be charged for a travel fee of $1/km.

Here’s what’s interesting: you don’t just get safety nets for the price you pay. There’s so much more.

how_much_does_safety_netting_costWhat you actually get

Whether it’s for residential premises, constructions sites or leisure grounds, we offer durable netting that meets all quality and safety standard at the best price possible. We have a large range of safety net colours, specifications and sizes so we will be able to provide a solution to suit your safety or leisure requirements.

But while we’re happy to just install safety netting for your residential or commercial project, we can do so much more. We can deliver the complete site safety package of horizontal lifeline, debris netting and fall arrest safety netting.

Besides that, here are the other benefits of using our services:

  • Compliance. All our systems are compliant and installed by FASET trained installers. We are always aware of new legislation so we know when improvements are necessary. Moreover, we provide all the required documents and hand over certificates upon completion of the install SSSP.
  • First class service. So we don’t just provide a net to break your fall or to keep working areas safe, we also provide high quality service and assistance. Moreover, our work doesn’t end once the nets are installed – we conduct regular checks and make adjustments as required.
  • Expert advice. If there isn’t an off-the-shelf system available for your desired application, we will help you to create one that suits your specific requirements. We take customer satisfaction seriously.

So, you see, you’re not just paying for the safety net per se but for the assurance and quality of service from start to finish. All these make our service the best value for your money.

If you want to get an idea of how much safety netting will cost for your current project, send us your floor area specifications and safety requirements. Or use our convenient Cost Advisor tool for a quick quote.