What Makes A Quality Safety Net?

Selecting a quality safety net is very important to ensure that your safety standards are high and everyone working on your site will be safe. But how do you know what to look for?

safety_net_materialsFirstly, does the net meet NZ safety standards? These standards have been set to ensure that the quality of nets meets certain minimum requirements, ensure that they will withstand the use and abuse that comes with being a safety system on a construction site.

Second, pay attention to the material that the nets are made from. Our nets are high tensile polypropylene as it has proven to be the longest lasting and strongest material for safety nets.

The way the net is made also makes a big impact on the quality of the net. The weave of the net and the joins all work together for the net’s strength,
so any part not done well will cause failure.

For more information on safety net specs and technical data, visit our specifications page.