What Do Commercial Safety Nets Involve?

Commercial settings provide a whole new range of challenges to the safety netting job. With the added complexity comes the need to be able to cover a wide range of circumstances and requirements when it comes to commercial safety nets. This can be far more complex than what you would find at a residential construction site.

Commercial sites can require anything from a small netting installation to 10,000m2 of commercial roofing that requires safety nets all round. Commercial netting jobs often include:

  • commercial_safety_netsWalkway edge protection nets
  • Vertical nets underground
  • Multistorey netting
  • Scaffolding nets
  • High rise netting
  • Fragile roofs
  • Skylights
  • Glass atriums
  • Internal voids, including steel and metal formwork
  • Bondeck placements


Because of this, special equipment may be required to install the nets. Along with that, more durable nets are generally recommended on commercial sites so that they can withstand more abuse then in a residential setting.

We at Sitenets Ltd specialise in commercial safety netting systems. If you are partaking in a commercial building project, get in contact with us today to organise safety netting. We will review your project and recommend to you the best solution for your commercial project.