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A building site is a place you want to make sure is completely safe. Any effort to prevent injury or death can only be a positive, and a safety net is one of the best things you can do to make sure your building site is safe. We at Sitenets Ltd specialise in providing safety

A Residential Safety Net Installation

A properly done safety net installation can literally mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to safety, there can be no shortcuts taken. We at Sitenets take safety very seriously. Here are some photos of an installation we recently did, where a home was being built and horizontal fall protection was needed.

The Sitenets Van

In our work, we have to travel around a lot and we need a reliable, capable vehicle to do it in. The Sitenets van is just that, a van that never lets us down, carries our equipment and gets us to the job on time! We recently had the sign writing done on it so

Netting For All Needs!

Looking for someone or someplace that can supply you with a net for just about anything? You are in the right place! Sitenets Ltd is your one stop shop for all your netting needs, no matter what they are. We at Sitenets Ltd provide nets for all purposes, whether it’s safety for a construction site

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Welcome to the Sitenets Ltd website! Sitenets Ltd specialise in a wide range of safety netting, specifically for uses such as contruction and building. We have nets for domestic, commercial and leisure uses, such as sports. Our wide range of nets will provide any netting solution you need. From construction purposes to a net for