New Plymouth & Taranaki Safety Net Installers

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New Plymouth

Sitenets Ltd can provide the solution you need for netting in New Plymouth. We have a number of installers in the New Plymouth area who are ready and waiting for your call. No matter what you need, we can help!

Residential Netting

Need netting for your home renovation or rebuild in New Plymouth? No problem! Our installers can provide the net you need for any residential application, whether a small or big job. We have provided the safety solution to many residential building projects in the New Plymouth areas.

Commercial Netting

If you need a commercial or industrial netting solution in New Plymouth, you are in the right place. Our commercial netting solutions will cater to any needs you may have, no matter if the job is for a relatively small build or a range multistorey rebuild. Our nets and installers meet all applicable NZ safety standards and have been the solution to many commercial construction projects.

Sitenets Ltd can provide the solution you need for netting in New Plymouth. For installers in the Taranaki region, please contact:




Sitenets are always on the lookout for new installers and offer franchise opportunities, to submit an application please follow this link.

Customer Reviews:

Sitenets were a pleasure to partner with to complete the construction work we were doing on a multi-story building. Their netting was by far the best I’d seen when creates a safe environment when you are working so high off the ground. It’s nice to be confident in what should catch your fall!
– Adam Q, Builder

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