Christchurch City Public Library Build Safety Net Installation

Christchurch has had a big project on recently, the new Central City library, dubbed “Tūranga”. Tūranga will be a cultural hub for Christchurch and an important civic space that attracts people back into the central city. It is due to open in 2018.


The plan for this library is for it to:

  • be a place for people to go to read, learn, study, swap ideas, do research, try new technology and socialise.
  • offer easy access to lending and reference material, digital resources, and local, heritage and special collections.
  • provide a wide range of programmes, events, exhibitions and experiences for all people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • support the wider Christchurch library network which includes 19 community, mobile and digital libraries.

Being 9,850m2 in size, it will be the largest public library in the South Island and about a third larger than the old Library. The Council’s total budgeted cost for the building and land is $92.7 million. It is a key anchor project and part of the Christchurch Rebuild Program.

We at Sitenets Ltd were right in the middle of this project, taking care of the safety net install throughout the build. A project of this size requires careful attention to ensure that all areas are covered when it comes to safety. Spanning several floors and many square meters, a lot of netting is involved in a project like this.

Here is a time lapse video showing the progress of the build:


What Do Commercial Safety Nets Involve?

Commercial settings provide a whole new range of challenges to the safety netting job. With the added complexity comes the need to be able to cover a wide range of circumstances and requirements when it comes to commercial safety nets. This can be far more complex than what you would find at a residential construction site.

Commercial sites can require anything from a small netting installation to 10,000m2 of commercial roofing that requires safety nets all round. Commercial netting jobs often include:

  • commercial_safety_netsWalkway edge protection nets
  • Vertical nets underground
  • Multistorey netting
  • Scaffolding nets
  • High rise netting
  • Fragile roofs
  • Skylights
  • Glass atriums
  • Internal voids, including steel and metal formwork
  • Bondeck placements


Because of this, special equipment may be required to install the nets. Along with that, more durable nets are generally recommended on commercial sites so that they can withstand more abuse then in a residential setting.

We at Sitenets Ltd specialise in commercial safety netting systems. If you are partaking in a commercial building project, get in contact with us today to organise safety netting. We will review your project and recommend to you the best solution for your commercial project.



Scaffolding Safety And It’s Relation To Safety Nets

Scaffolding is a very commonly used in construction and building. On any project that extends past groundwork, you are sure to see scaffolding of some sort used to allow workers to get to higher levels. So firstly, what exactly is scaffolding and how does it work?

Scaffolding is a temporary framing structure used to create a platform for workers to use to access higher levels on buildings or other high objects. The type of scaffolding will depend on the type of work being done and where it is located. It is most commonly made of steel.


There are various types of scaffolding used in construction. The most common types include:

  • Single Scaffold – This is generally used for brink masonry and sometimes is referred to as Brick Layer’s Scaffolding. It consists of standards, ledgers and putlogs which sits parallel to the wall at 1.2m. Distance between the standards is 2 – 2.5m. The ledgers connect the standards at intervals of 1.2 – 1.5m vertically. The putlogs are placed at intervals of 1.2 – 1.5m apart.
  • Double Scaffolding – Generally used for stone masonry, it is also called Mason’s Scaffolding. Because it is hard to make holes in stone walls to support the putlogs, two rows of scaffolding is constructed to make it stronger. The first row is placed 20 – 30cm away from the wall and the other 1m away from the first row. The putlogs are placed to support both frames. To increase strength, rakers and crossbraces are used.
  • Cantilever Scaffolding – This scaffolding works whereby the standards are supported by a series of needles and these needles are taken out through holes in the wall. It can also be called single frame type scaffolding. With other types, the needles are strutted inside the floors through the openings, this being called Double Frame or Independent type scaffolding. This type of scaffolding is used when the ground does not have the capacity to support the standards, when the ground near the wall needs to be free from traffic and when the upper part of the wall is under construction.
  • Suspended Scaffolding – Mostly used for repair works, pointing, painting etc, with this scaffolding the working platform is suspended from the roof with the use of wire ropes or chains. It can be raised or lowered to the required level.
  • Steel Scaffolding –  The most common type of scaffolding used today. It is constructed by steel tubes which are fixed together by steel couplers. It’s very easy to put together and dismantle, has greater strength, durability and fire resistance than the other types of scaffold.


So how does scaffolding relate to safety nets? Safety nets play a big part in preventing both people and objects falling off scaffolding. When using scaffolding past a certain height, you are required to use safety nets to ensure the safety of both workers and people around and to prevent falls.

Are you putting up scaffolding and need safety nets? Get in contact with us now to arrange fall prevention nets for any scaffolding.



Why Are Safety Nets Considered Security Nets?

Safety nets are often installed on building sites with the view that they are there to protect the workers should they fall from scaffolding or high up on the site. This is true and is a vital part of safety nets performance, however, they also have a secondary but just as vital service to provide – one of security. How?

Well, what if you happened to be walking under an area where building was happening above you and something was dropped? Having a safety net installed would provide you with the security of knowing that you were protected.

“Security” is often a word that is described as being the state of being free from danger or threat. Isn’t that what you want your work team to feel when they are on one of your building sites. WorkSafe NZ’s current push is to remind employers to get their teams home healthy and safe. Installing a safety net at your building site will help to ensure just that. Your people are worth the investment.

Having a security net installed between the upper reaches of your building site allows you to have teams working on multiple levels of your site and all workers have both safety and security provided for them.

Safety nets are designed to reduce the likelihood of a person who has fallen being injured. They are installed with a specific tension designed to deflect and absorb the energy of an object or person that falls.

When you have a building site that is more than a storey high, a safety net will also reduce the distance a person can fall. If a person was to fall, a safety net is always positioned so that there is enough clear space below the net and the ground so that the fallen person or object does not strike an obstacle or the ground.

Some people worry that a safety net will restrict their ability to move around the site. This is not the case. Safety nets can be installed across scaffolding to provide a sense of “walls” no matter how high up the scaffolding is. Safety net installers are well aware of the type of movement that needs to be allowed for construction workers at height and thus will install the safety nets with enough tension to allow movement but with enough tautness to stop anything or anyone from falling.

Relying on safety nets is good but the best building sites also maintain good workplace housekeeping practices. By having site housekeeping rules in place you will provide another level of protection for your teams. These rules can be along the lines of:Combisafe Milton Court, UK, Safety Net Fan, SNF, 2012, Connect Scaffolding

  • maintaining a tidy site
  • having clear access and egress ways
  • following good site management practices
  • having designated areas for material delivery and waste storage
  • regular maintenance of plant and equipment
  • installing barriers where required
  • erecting signage as required
  • provision and maintenance of sanitary facilities for staff.

Workplace health and safety is taken very seriously in New Zealand and there are hefty fines and penalties for companies found in breach of standards.

On your next building site

provide your staff with safety AND security and install a Site Net safety net system!

Stuff NZ Canterbury School Construction

Canterbury continues to push ahead in rebuilding and future proofing development far away from the 2010 earthquake destruction. With over $36 million committed to Canterbury’s schools and academic facilities, modern new learning environments have taken shape all over the Canterbury horizon.

Helping to keep the workers on these sites safe has been Site Nets. Whether it has been an 8 class building or a new school hall or administration block, Site Nets safety nets have been on site protecting workers during their time on the sites.


When an area faces an increased building boom, like Canterbury has been forced to undertake due to the unwanted earthquakes, often building supplies and construction equipment can be put under a demand that cannot be satisfied.

Due to Site Nets 35 years of manufacturing of high quality safety nets, we have been able to provide safety netting for almost all of the Canterbury Ministry of Education school rebuild sites. This is something that we are proud to have been able to support.


The safety issues that crop up on building sites can be similar in nature, or highly varied due to the timeframes, the positioning of the site and the number of workers on the site at any one time. Due to these factors, project managers have a high expectation for the safety of their workers. Time after time, Site Nets are the preferred supplier of safety netting for high end construction sites.

Our netting is well known in the industry to be of the highest quality and our company is known for our outstanding commitment to constant innovation.

One of the projects that Site Nets are currently supporting is the redevelopment of Kaiapoi High School. The first stage is underway and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Not only are there stages to the redevelopment but in between stage one and the secondary stage, the old block which will stand between the two new developments will need to be demolished. This too will require Site Nets safety netting to ensure the safety of everyone on site.


The health and safety of everyone on a building site is paramount. Without having your workers’ safety covered properly the likelihood of your project coming to completion safely is in question. Not only is it law to have health and safety requirements met on site but it is an insurance and assurance for your workers to have the best equipment available to them. It means that you can go home each night and rest easy knowing that if something should happen, you have the best safety equipment in place.

No matter if your site is small or large, residential, commercial or leisure site, consider Site Nets safety netting for your workers. Call us to day to find out how we can provide your site with the best in New Zealand safety netting!

Lichfield Street Carpark Rebuild

Christchurch has certainly been a phoenix since 2011 when the massive earthquake hit. From amongst the despair and destruction the city that was promised to be rebuilt has risen from the ashes and continues to do so. Bigger and better, more dynamic and with innovation found at every street corner, Christchurch is most definitely a city of the future.

One of the main carparks in the city, the Lichfield Street Carpark, was deemed unworthy of repair in 2013. It was damaged so badly that it was deemed uneconomic to repair by the Christchurch City Council.

There was a lot of pressure on the Council from the retail sector to see the demolition and then rebuild happen. Obviously the retail sector was very hard hit in the earthquakes that rocked Christchurch so anything that could get the retailers back into retail space and operating again was a priority.

Demolishing such a structure within the confines of an inner city precinct is never easy and health and safety issues abound at every corner.

The Christchurch City Council tendered the rebuild project and a consortium led by Clearwater Construction and including DHC Consulting, DH Steel Construction and MAP Architects won the contract.

As part of their process, SiteNets NZ was called upon for our expertise in site safety nets and an agreement was met to work on this project together. To date, the Lichfield Street Carpark rebuild is one of the biggest sites SiteNets has worked on.

The Lichfield Street Carpark had a timeline to completion of 12 months.  During this timeline 7 floors would need to be built out of structural steel and concrete. At the finale, there would be 804 parking spaces and over 950m2 of retail space. In all, almost 3 rugby fields worth of steel and concrete would be engineered, poured and installed to achieve this goal.

So, why was SiteNets Ltd chosen as the operator of choice for safety netting on this commercial construction site?  We have over 17,000m2 of commercial netting available for our commercial projects. As this site progressed up higher into the skyline it was imperative that scaffold safety nets were used around the perimeter of the scaffolding and temporary fencing to prevent any construction materials or other objects falling from the scaffolds.

If you check out the video you can see our nets installed on the west side of the carpark as it is in construction. Our nets kept the many workers on this site safe hour after hour, day after day.

Our site nets protected adjacent buildings from falling debris and having our nets across the building between the levels provided added safety for the workers on the site should they have fallen. Having a safety net system from Site Nets Ltd provides the perfect safety barrier for everyone working on the top or lower levels of the scaffolds including the general public.

For such a prominent building site, SiteNets Ltd was chosen as the provider of safety netting because of the quality of our netting available. Our nets have always been subject to more stringent tests to ensure maximum safety at all times. We also have a solid reputation throughout Christchurch and Canterbury as the premium provider of safety nets for the building industry.

At the completion of the Lichfield Street Carpark project, SiteNets were proud to be the providers of the safety netting. If you are requiring safety netting for your commercial project, call us! We will have the solution for you.

Low Cost Safety Net Solutions For Builders And Home Owners







All of these words are highly descriptive of the type of accidents that can happen on a building or renovation site. Do you want these to describe an accident that befalls one of your workers or family members when working? Of course not!

SiteNet NZ have one of the largest range of site nets in the country available for your safety when working on a building site or around your home. Never let people’s safety be in jeopardy! A simple site net can prevent serious injuries (and liability) from happening.

No one ever plans on being injured or having an accident, but you can plan to have preventative measures on place so that if something unforeseen should happen, you and/or your people are protected.

SiteNet NZ have a range of low cost safety net solutions for builders and home owners and have many happy customers who repeatedly come back to use our solutions.

Does low cost mean poor performance? Absolutely not! We have been manufacturing high quality fall protection nets for over 35 years and our safety nets are subjected to stringent tests to ensure your maximum safety.

A site safety net is a form of insurance and gives you and your people assurance that should something happen – like a fall, plummet, tumble, trip, drop or plunge – off your building site they will be safe.

Sitenets are able to reduce the cost to you for our nets due to the large number of happy customers we have. No matter what your budget, we will create a safety solution for you and you can start work on your site happy in the knowledge you and your people are safe.


Safety Equipment Suppliers

Whether you have been in the building game for decades, are just starting out or are planning some renovations in your spare time – being safety conscious and having the best equipment is vitally important for you and/or your team.

Everyone deserves to go to work, stay safe, and get home to their families without injury.

This is where Site Nets are your one stop shop for safety equipment supplies.

Site Nets have a range of safety options for your project. We can and have covered residential and commercial sites (and even have a range suitable for leisure activities!).


If you have never used a safety net before you might wonder if they are really necessary and how they work. All safety measures are a form of security and insurance. This in turn provides you or your people with assurance that should the unplanned happen and they slip or fall there is a system in place to prevent them from receiving serious injuries.

It is a wise employer that has strong health and safety measures in place – and Site Nets take pride in providing safety nets that adhere to the national safety standards in New Zealand.

Site Nets safety nets are not like all other nets. Some of the features that set them apart from other brands of netting some safety net companies offer are that they :
• Are 100% recyclable
• Are 100% Inert (does not produce bacteria)
• Are 100% non-allergic
• Cannot be digested by insects
• Do not accumulate electricity
• Have a high resistance to abrasion
• Have a high protection against UV rays
• Maintain tenacity in acid or alkaline environments
• Are not affected by any acid except boiling xylene
• Are dirt resistant
• Are non absorbent
• Do not have knots so the knots will never get displaced

Fall arrest netting systems work by way of absorption of the energy created when a fall occurs, the intertwined mesh is released slowly through the cord systems in the nets, therefore having the correct sag and fall height is a very critical part of the installation for the nets, that’s why we only use certified FASET trained installers.

Even though a residential setting may seem like a lower risk environment, serious injuries still can and do occur in home builds. It is vital to keep your construction site as safe as possible, even if it is just a single story home.
Scaffold safety nets are used extensively in the construction industry and are used around the perimeter of the scaffolding or temporary fencing, this in turn prevents any construction materials or other objects falling from the scaffolds and protects adjacent buildings, they can also prevent workers from falling through the scaffold from heights hence they are the perfect safety barrier for everyone working on the top or lower levels of the scaffolds including the general public.

As a safety equipment supply company, Sitenets Ltd specialise in safety nets and provide fall protection nets and leisure netting solutions throughout New Zealand. No matter where you are in the country, you can call us at Sitenets and we can arrange the right safety nets for your project. Depending on your specific requirements, our assessors will provide you with the right solution for your budget.

As mentioned at the start of this post, besides providing safety nets for residential and commercial projects, we also specialise in a wide range of nets for sporting requirements including goal nets and tennis nets.
So no matter why you might be needing or considering having safety nets give us a call and we will be able to see you right!

Sitenets Ltd on Grand Designs NZ

2016 has been the year for surprises and amazing projects. Sitenets Ltd were asked to come on board with P4 Projects on a Grand Designs NZ program! This was a fantastic experience for our team.

Although well skilled at advising and installing site nets on building sites throughout the country, this was our first ever container house install. If you can’t quite remember the program our site nets appeared in – it was shown in Grand Designs New Zealand on TV – Season 2, Episode 7.

An iconic sight in Christchurch, shipping containers have been used for many situations since the earthquakes that have been rocking the region since 2010. David Fitzmorris and Joyce Wee took on an adventurous build out in the small town of West Melton. David being an engineer found himself moving his family to Christchurch to help with the rebuild. Instead of purchasing an existing home they felt optimistic enough to start with a clean slate. They came to a joint agreement that a shipping container house was the way forward for them. David used his engineering background to design the layout using their sons lego blocks. Their first design plan was unconventional however by the end of the build they ended up with a super high atrium type living area. During the build it was this space that required safety netting to keep building debris from falling to the floor below.


An Oscar Wilde quotation was used during the episode – “Experience is the one thing you can’t get for nothing”. Using SiteNets on your building site is the wise choice. All of our contractors are highly experienced in the use of our nets and in a variety of settings. Safety nets are the most efficient and cost effective fall arrest system for home and residential applications. Whether you are replacing roof tiles on your home or you are doing a complete build, we provide the residential safety net solution you need.

Whether you are a project manager looking after a major build or a single build providing a work safe environment is not just a good idea, it is now the law to do so and is beneficial to all concerned, it also adheres to loss prevention strategies insurance companies believe will lower your risk – including legal risk.

Even though a residential setting may seem like a lower risk environment, serious injuries still can and do occur in home builds. It is vital to keep your construction site as safe as possible, even if it is just a single story home.

We have available 17,000m2 of residential nets equivalent to over 80 house lots of nets, and together with our 10 years commercial and residential experience and a certified FACET inspector we can offer a professional service for all your fall protection needs.

We offer this service to all sections of the residential building industry providing a total service in health and safety.

SiteNets have a great reputation in the building industry. If you find you are in a position where you need a safety net – call us. We will do everything we can to fit in an urgent booking or adapt our installation processes to work safely in your setting.

Sitenets sponsors young Trey Nairn at the races

Sitenets took on a slightly different side adventure in 2016. We sponsored a highly talented young racecar driver – Trey Nairn. Being just a young 16 year old, Trey has an impressive line up of accolades from KartSport NZ and in 2015 moved into race cars.


Early November 2016 saw Trey take to the wheel at the SSangyong Actyon Ute Series Race in Pukekohe.

The Ssangyong Actyon Ute Series is a race series different to others available for up and coming race talent. For one, all utes on the track are the same make and model. This allows the drivers to really push their skillsets and win based on talent alone and not the differences in the vehicles.

Up and coming drivers are able to make their way up the motor racing ladder achieving recognised results in a highly competitive environment. They are able to hone their skills and enjoy their time on the track. Unlike other grassroot events, the Ssangyong Actyon Races are televised.

The race on November 4 wasn’t without its fair share of carnage. A wet track and some oversteering saw a hard hit on the track and debris across the track. Up against the other drivers Trey took an impressive 10th place.

So is there any relevance to Safety Nets and sponsoring a driver? Well of course! Current code of practice within NASCAR is that all cars must have a nylon window net to protect the driver from flying debris and to contain the driver’s arms during a crash. In the unfortunate event of a crash, the drivers are instructed to lower the window net to signify that they are uninjured.

Final laps Race three Pukakoe 6.11.16

Although the Ssangyong Actyon Race wasn’t NASCAR safety is still paramount. Window nets weren’t a requisite in the Pukekohe race however they do provide extra protection. When racing and someone loses control the subsequent carnage caused by the car hitting the walls or other drivers careering into the stricken car can create a wave of broken glass, metal and other debris to fly out across the track and towards the spectators. Having a debris net around the track would give added comfort to spectators knowing that if there is a crash any flying debris would be captured.

Safety nets have a range of uses and do not have to be restricted to a construction site installation. A safety net is a net used to protect people. This can be from injury after falling from heights by limiting the distance they fall, or a safety net can also be a device used to capture flying objects for the safety of people beyond or below the net.

Sitenets Ltd have a wide range of safety nets available to cater for any need – be it commercial, residential or leisure. All of our nets meet current safety guidelines. We are supported by nearly 35 years as a manufacturer of high quality safety nets. Our history has been marked by the constant innovation and the commitment to those who have come to rely on our networks over the last decades.

The philosophy of our company has always aimed at providing the market with the highest quality networks. We understand the importance of safety, both in industry and in construction.

And that is why Sitenets LTD nets have always been subject to more stringent tests to ensure maximum safety at all times. In the sporting goods market, our nets are synonymous with leadership. The high level of performance of the nets has won international recognition and trust of some of the largest global events in the world of sport.